Saturday 11 June 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - Painting The Groundwork

I've been working on the new engine for the last couple of weeks and the progress can be found on earlier posts, but at the same time I have started painting the main layout. I have used household emulsion paint tester post which I had mixed up at B&Q for the main colours and applied the paint with both a large 2 inch brush and a smaller detailing brush to paint around the sculpted features. 

The first coat looks a little 'flat' but I will be both 'washing' and drybrushing over the top once the whole board is finished. The rear and board edging have been undercoated with a grey undercoat and once again this has been sanded back and re-painted prior to taking these photos.

Progress has been slow, but as this is a long-term, side project, I'm not too worried. I would hope that I could get trains running before the end of the Summer so the Grandchildren can see some movement.


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