Monday, 9 June 2008

Flash Gordon - Horned Beast

It is a well known fact that the early Alex Raymond comic strips of Flash Gordon from King Syndicates would always contain a horned beast. There were apes with horns, horses with horns and even a gorilla (see earlier posts)!

This is a Blue Stormlizard from D&D miniatures (30/60 LE39) bought for £2.00 from Games Expo 2008, Birmingham last month. It has been cleaned, filled (around the neck and ears) and based before being painted with acrylic paints.

I had wanted to call it a Blue Horned Lizard, but the horn isn't blue - so Horned Beast it is. The colour scheme is the same as the original - just a re-paint, however the small studded growths you see on the hide have been painted in to add a touch of difference.

A perfect beast for Flash to battle with and its got a horn, what more could I ask for? The model is 80mm long and is mounted on a 50mm round base.


NB. The miniature is not quite as 'blue' in real life - it must have been the light!

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