Friday, 6 June 2008

Flash Gordon - Space Monster

This latest photo shows a painted and based Space Monster or Umber Hulk from Grim Reaper Castings and bought from Spirit Games Burton on Trent. I am not sure if this particular miniature is still available. The model comes with separate mandibles which were cleaned up and glued with super glue..

The model was painted blue/grey with bone coloured claws and red eyes. The body of the monster was gloss varnished for effect. This is quite a bulky or weighty figure, which does not come across in this photo, the model stands 55mm tall and mounted on a 50mm round base.

Even though intended as a Fantasy Monster, the Umber Hulk is an ideal Space Opera Monster in this scale (40mm) - as it is easy to imagine an actor in a monster suit chasing Buster Crabbe across a cardboard movie set!


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