Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Flash Gordon - Princess Aura

I am very proud of this - the latest addition to my Flash Gordon collection of 40mm figures, Princess Aura.

This second photo shows the completed miniature alongside Flash Gordon (from the Graven Images 40mm Cliffhanger figure range).

The base miniature is from the SuperFigs range manufactured by West Winds (and now very hard to find). The miniature was picked up from the 'bargain bin' at Waylands Forge, Birmingham. Ref; SuperFigs SF - BR2 Brick 2 (Giantess).


The unaltered figure is very difficult to describe - being 28mm scale but standing well over 55mm tall with a standard or slightly larger upper body and very, very long legs. The conversion started by cutting the miniature in half at the waist (around the belly-button) and removing at least 2mm. Then another couple of cuts and 10mm was removed from the knee area on both of the legs. I added a metal pin to all three joints and built up the body with 'green stuff'.

Once I was satisfied with the proportions, I started to clothe the miniature with a mixture of Milliput and 'Green Stuff'. The dress design is one that is copied from an Alex Raymond Flash Gordon comic strip. Princess Aura begging for Flash's life in front of Ming.

The miniature was based with a piece of broken cork, small stones, DAS modelling clay and sand. Painting was built up from a black undercoat, with more subtle flesh tones than normal. "Well normal for me and my painting style!"

The miniature is 45mm tall and mounted on a 40mm round base. At long last and after many false starts I believe I now have my perfect heroine, Princess Aura, daughter of Ming the Merciless. I can also use her as a more attractive Dale Arden figure when needed.


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Eli Arndt said...

Another great addition to the collection. Nice conversion of the dress.