Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Make a Jetbike by November 30th part two

To give a clearer idea as to the image I am trying to create, here are a couple of early work-in-progress shots of my Flash Gordon Jetbike.

The model is 80mm long, 40mm wide and 55mm tall (to the top of Flash's head). In these photos the Flash miniature is not fully attached, but just held on with a couple of blobs of Bluetack.



Eli Arndt said...

That looks really good. What material are you using for the body form?

Tony said...

Hi Eli,

Thank you for the comments. The body is made from a plastic construction toy made by Testors. A salt flats racer, (childrens ksnap-together kit), the main body has been cut-and-shut in length, width and height as well as being filled and sanded (beyond recognition).

Later I will take a photo of the box art.


Eli Arndt said...

Thanks for the response.

The material in question was the filler compound. I have seen many modellers using similar materials (especially for Mak/SF3D sci-fi stuff).



Tony said...

Hi Eli

The filler?

The filler material on the scooter of Mr Surfacer 1200, a trype of thick plastic paint or filler that is used to smooth surfaces. I bought mine when on holiday in Thailand over a year ago and bought two grades - a 1200 and a 500, the 500 is finer and I have not really found a use for it!

The filler on the figure is Kneadatite (Duro) of greenstuff which is sometimes sold by Games Workshop, but I buy over the internet - it is so much cheaper.