Saturday, 4 October 2008

Flintloque - Artillery

This most recent batch of photos show some of my Flintloque artillery pieces and how they have been built or modified, plus how I have based them.

A Ferach field gun (slightly modified Flintloque miniature) with scratch built faggots, broom bristles tied with wire.

A resin casting from Grendel, highly modified, engraved and cleaned-up, with a modified Flintloque crew.

Scratch built gun carriage with Flintloque barrel - the cannon balls are the heads of round headed pins.

A completely scratch built mortar, using plastic pieces from my 'bits box. The terrain pieces came from AA and the cannon balls were mapping pins.

Finally a large resin mortar with scratch built field works and pieces from AA. The sand bags are DAS modelling clay.


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