Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dwarf Bullion Wagon

The following three photos show a scratch build model of a Dwarf Bullion Wagon, an armoured wagon used to transport, Gold, Silver, Gems and Dwarf Bread! Inspiration came from an old Fantasy Chronicles Magazine, which had a description of a similar wagon.

The wagon was built from plastic card over a cardboard shell, with banding from more plastic card and rivets, sliced from plastic rod. The chassis was thicker cardboard, again covered in plastic card. Detail on the main body is more plastic card and rod.

The wheels are sections cut from a wooden dowel and detailed with cardboard and plastic, while the axles are balsawood.

The driver is a Dwarf trooper from one of the mounted Flintloque sets with a new shako and the draft hogs are also from a Flintloque boxed set. The reins are strips of paper.

Painting was various acrylic paints over black and dark brown. I was trying to achieve a well worn metal finish.

Update; I have added a sketch of the Money Wagon that I produced prior to building it - I have dozens of similar sketches that I regularly use for model making inspiration, this one should help anyone who wants to build a Bullion Wagon to get started.

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