Saturday, 1 November 2008

First weekend of November

Not a busy weekend, but a couple of projects are coming to fruition. The first is a Purple Worm (21/60, CG/CE 189) from the Dungeons & Dragons collectible miniatures game. The miniature stands a massive 110mm tall. I bought it for £4.99 (post free) from e-bay and mounted it on a 80mm resin base from Fenris Games, see; I still need to re-paint the figure and base before adding it to my Flash Gordon collection.

I picked up a selection of bases - 2 x 80mm round bases and 4 x 60mm round bases. I am very impressed with the quality of the mouldings and would heartily recommend the service. I will certainly be ordering more! The bases are cast in stone-grey resin and after a quick wash in warm water and washing-up liquid, the base of the casting was smoothed off with a couple of strokes over fine sandpaper, before the slightly modified Purple Worm was superglued on and the groundwork built up with a Milliput/Green Stuff mix. Here are examples of the 80mm and 60mm round bases.

The final photo shows my latest Aerofauna - a group of four 'sperm-like' floaters, built from a foam egg, a piece of paper-clip wire, fast-setting two-part filler and 'green stuff'. Each creature is 90m long. I still need to model the fins and add bases.

Finally I picked up 4 Games Workshop flying Tyranids, which I also bought from e-bay in the hope that they could be modified as additional Aerofauna. I am less confident that they can, but as usual I will keep the Blog updated.


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Eli Arndt said...

Those bases look good. I have been looking for some nice large round bases.

The "flying sperm" (gads I knew that name would stick!) look god so far. I am currently working on painting my secnd batch of aerofauna.

I too have some if the flying Tyranids and unfortunately my hopes are not so high for their convertability as aerofauna, though I may be able to salvage them for one of my Eldritch Horror conversion projects like my Bits Bugs.