Friday, 9 January 2009

Christmas 2008 Project - The Amber Shrine Board part eleven

Late last night and early this morning I was able to do quite a bit to the board. The first photo shows the work-in-progress and taken in direct sunlight - the first time I have been able to do this since well before the start of the Christmas break!

The next four photos show the board from each side, which should give a much better impression of the style and imagery I have been trying to achieve. At this stage I would say that most if not all of the main construction is now finished, I still need to add some more details and the groundwork will need to be completed.

Notice how little of the green flocked tile remains un-touched.

During this phase of work I had one great big issue - when I tried to re-connect the battery to the lights, I couldn't get the lights to work! A couple of minutes twiddling and work with a soldering iron and everything was back on track, but for a time I was contemplating taking the monolith apart to check the electrical connections.

Construction is more 'Blue Foam' sliced into thin 4 - 5mm sheets (in fact sawn with a metalworkers hacksaw blade) and detailed with a scalpel, sanding stick and a broken rough stone, glued down with PVA glue and held in place with dress-makers pins. The groundwork is either ready-mixed filler or DAS.


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