Thursday, 29 January 2009

Flash Gordon - Unfinished Projects

Now that the Amber Shrine Board is finished, I can begin to catch up on my backlog of unfinished projects. The main bulk of these models support my growing collection of 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures. I use a very wide range of manufacturers to supplement my 40mm Graven Images, Cliffhanger collection.

The first section show figures that have at least been undercoated!

Photo One - is a Walkapuss, produced by the American manufacturer Lance & Laser. The miniature is mounted onto a 40mm round base and basecoated black for the body and white for the head!

Photo Two - is a miniature that was given away with the now closed-down modelling magazine Harbinger. I have tried to paint this miniature on two separate occasions and both time felt that the flesh colour and detail was not right - maybe third time lucky.

Photo Three - is from Flashing Blades, a 40mm Portuguese Officer, with remodelled laser pistol. The miniature still needs a lot of work and the hair colour will need to be changed.

Photo Four - the Ethereal Aliens. These are Ents from the Irish manufacturer Mithril.

The second section are all plastic miniatures from various CMG or toy manufacturers.

Photo Five - I am sure that this one is from The Star Wars set - a Minor Brute.

Photo Six - a Bogeyman from Monster-in-my-Pocket, based and undercoated.

Photo Seven - a miniature from the new World of Warcraft CMG.

Photo Eight - a Bronze Dragon from D&D.

The third section are bare metal miniatures.

Photo Nine - Baboons from Lance & Laser.

Photo Ten - a selection of 1/43rd (40mm) miniatures from El viejo Dragon Miniatures, a pair of nude Hoplites and a Whip's Girl. See;

Photo Eleven - Ral Partha Giant, bought of E-bay and destined to be painted as a Frost Giant.

Photo Twelve - a Foundry Sky Elf, once again bought of E-bay.

I would hope that the miniatures would be painted up very soon, however I am realistic enough to know that my modelling projects do not always go in chronological order or to plan.

Keep watching for Aeronef, Space 1889 and Flintloque projects.


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