Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Future of Klear

During the Christmas break, I read on one of the Internet miniature painting/modelling sites that Johnson's Klear had been re-formulated and is now packed in a white plastic container.

I use Klear for applying transfers and as a base for my washes and glazes and so I set out to pick up a bottle of the 'old style' Klear (see below). I usually buy my Klear from Tescos - about one bottle ever two years, it goes a very long way! It was obvious very early in the search that the old formula/packaged Klear was no longer available. I tried Morrisons, Co-op and Somerfield and was beginning to think that I was too late. Then I saw two bottles for sale in Waitrose and picked up both for £2.58 a bottle. I am now OK for at least four years, but would recommend the product to any modeller/painter as a great base for ink washes, an extender for acrylic paints and the perfect base for transfers. Please note; Klear is the UK brand name for Future.


PS. It has been suggested to me that Klear/Future is the base of the new Games Workshop Washes.


Anonymous said...

I finally found some Johnson's Klear in Sainsbury's supermarket; it really does work!

I'm told that Vallejo Glaze Medium is better - and more expensive of course - but I haven't tried it yet.

I've experimented with mixing ink and Klear to make my own GW-style wash; I'm not certain if I've got it right (maybe it needs paint as well as ink?) but it looks promising.

Tony said...

Try Klear, distilled water, flow improver and either ink, paint or is some cases ink and paint.

Its all trial and error - but if the wash is very dilute, you can always add another to darken or thicken it.

Good luck with your experiments.