Sunday, 21 June 2009

Dwarf Sauerkraut Wars - the regiments part twelve

Regiment twelve - Krautian Landwehr

Allegiance - Krautian

My second group of Landwehr, this time with yellow facings.

The bulk of the miniatures are from the Dwarf Landwehr box set (52504) with a couple of modified Ogres (56004) and a modified Verner von Raucher miniature (LE009).

The scratch-built Russian Church model in the background is one of my largest Flintloque terrain pieces, being based on the 15mm Hovel's Russian Orthodox Church model that I first saw when visiting a small model shop in le Touqueet, France some years ago. I made some quick sketches and upon returning home I built the model from foamboard, cardboard and DAS modelling clay. The colour scheme came from an illustration in an Ivan Bilibin art book, see;


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