Thursday, 4 June 2009

Eldar Ghosts

These five miniatures were converted and painted many years ago, when my son wanted a group of adversaries for his Space Marines to battle with. I recently found them in a box of bits while tidying up the garage and thought they were worth posting.

The base figures are both metal and plastic, with heads from Wood Elves, pinned and glued, before hair was added to hide the joins. They are painted as Ghosts, or a group of Eldar mercenaries and were an experiment in painting white space armour. The two figures with space gas masks, (half Eldar helmet and half bare face) were fun to produce and I think they work well.

In addition to this group I also produced an Eldar Grav Tank, the first design, that was never modelled by GW in 28mm scale but can be found in the Epic range. I am afraid that this model is long gone.

It is interesting for me to re-visit early models, painted miniatures and assess how my painting skill has developed, of note here is the fact that they were painted over a white base-coat and not as is more usual with me, a black one.


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BigLee said...

Most of my early stuff was done with a white basecoat. Much of the painting advice I got all those years ago gave the impression that white was the only way to go. I now almost exclusively use a black base. This is after years od trial and error (mostly error) trying to find my 'style'. Clearly black just 'works' for some painters.