Sunday, 30 August 2009

40mm AWI advert Wargames Illustrated - page 62

With the publication of Wargames Illustrated issue 263, Dampfwerks has reached yet another milestone. On page 62 is and advert for the initial release of the new 40mm AWI/ACW terrain pieces I have built and Dave at Grand Manner has moulded and cast. The range has been mentioned in earlier posts, but please forgive me for being so positive at seeing these models properly advertised and for sale.

I cannot promise that further posts will not contain references to this range (in fact I can almost guarantee they will!) But will ask for a little bit of understanding for this indulgence on my part.

The initial range of 11 items are available from Grand Manner see;

One of the main reasons that this Blog has been so quiet over the last two months is that I have been trying to get all of these models finished, moulded, cast and painted. With this advert (the first), I can now take a little breather and maybe pick up on some 'shelved' projects.

I can confirm that The Miniatures Page (TMP) has three outstanding workbench reports/articles that should be published by Bill in the next month. In addition I am still awaiting written articles to be included in 60 Bloody Rounds (flintloque fanzine) and a range of Undead Bogorc's sculpted by me should soon be available from Alternative Armies.

I will try to increase the number of posts in September and get back to my usual output.


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