Friday, 7 August 2009

STARBLAZER Pirates of the Ether Sea

Here is Starblazer comic that I have been searching out for some time. Issue no. 100 Pirates of the Ether Sea. I think the cover illustration has pieces of Aeronef, Space 1889 and even Warhammer 40K. In the end I would say that the story is only OK, a 6 out of 10. But no problem I have the illustrations I want and can see a pirate cutter model joining my Space 1889/Aeronef collection very soon.

The comic was picked up in a second-hand book store near The Bullring, Birmingham earlier today.



Steve said...

Not sure if you've seen the Starblazer RPG Tony:

Also Wikipedia has an extensive page on the comic that might be of use:

Tony said...

Hi Steve

I have seen the Starblazer RPG at Games Expo, Birmingham. But at £35.00 I was not sure! It's one hell of a book though, it's huge!

Also thanks for the Wiki reference. I had not seen this before.