Sunday, 23 August 2009

Warhammer World

This week I visited Nottingham and found time to visit Warhammer World. It's been over five years since my last visit and I was pleased to say that the thrill and adventure of seeing this modelling Mecca has not diminished.

I did not have too much time and rather rushed through the miniature display area (something I now regret) while the gaming room with all its dressed tables still has a WOW factor.

Rather than write a full review I will tell you that I saw an empty box of the new Space Hulk game (no figures or terrain - just the artwork on the box). It looks fantastic and as explained to me this is being released as a Limited Edition and stand alone game.

I know I still have fond memories of playing this game with friends and more importantly my son and I am very tempted to place my order now!


I once again forgot to take a camera - if you plan on visiting WW. I would recommend that you plan for at least a couple of hours and TAKE A CAMERA!

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