Friday, 26 February 2010

Barking Irons, a NEW magazine from Alternative Armies

At long last I can officially reveal that I will be featured in the new In-house magazine, BARKING IRONS produced by Alternative Armies. The construction and painting article - a Peninsular Windmill will be the modelling/construction piece in issue one, for more details, see;

I would hope that further Flintloque/Slaughterloo related articles produced by me will follow in the future. Good Luck to all involved, and I look forward to seeing issue one through the post.

As a 'teaser' here is an in-game image of the finished windmill, taken some time ago. I have previously mentioned this model on my Blog, but have purposely remained secretive as I have known all along that it was destined to be included in a Flintloque publication.

I find it very difficult to keep quiet about articles or features that I have written and know are coming up, but in this instance I think I have succeeded!

Please support this new magazine, by purchasing it from Alternative Armies and supplying articles.



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Rob Alderman said...

I really look forward to reading it and making it!
Well done on keeping it quiet, it's one of the hardest things as a sculptor as well I find!