Thursday, 25 February 2010

Static Painter - Vesa Makela

I have recently come across this Blog - Static Painter, the painting and modelling site of Vesa Makela, some of the very best miniature painting I have ever come across. I have included this link for miniature painters looking for some inspiration:

I am particularly inspired by some of the terrain or base modelling and painting.



Rob Alderman said...

Awesome stuff, not a big fan of that style of painting, but some of the tips are ace and could be used in my style...


Tony said...

Hi Rob

Just seen your new photos on the Notables site - they look very good. I think my favourite is the Toad Noble.

Very well done.


Rob Alderman said...

Oops, they're not meant to be visible to non moderators!
Off they come!

Mahon said...

Thanks for the link. I didn't know this particular blog :)