Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part four

Hi Rob, just for you. Here is the latest update on the Flintloque Dwarf Uhlan's. In both photos you can obviously see that the seven dwarves with bags or sack have had them painted. I have used a variety of different browns, creams and grey colours, to give some variety. In addition you should also see that the bullet pouches have also been painted - a very dark grey with very little highlighting.

The black gloves have been painted in the same dark grey as the pouches and once again with very little highlighting.

During the preparation for this 'on-line build' I am tending to tidy-up the miniatures a little more than I would normally do - things like touching-up the black basecoat around the weapons and the beards prior to photographing, other than this the basic technique is the same as my usual painting technique.

As stated earlier the actual uniform colours and design is totally 'made-up' although does follow some German or Prussian Ulhan colour rules. In my latest piece of on-line research I am trying to obtain a suitable banner or flag design for the standard bearer, a plain Black over White, seams too plain, but so far this is favourite.


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Rob Alderman said...

Looking good mate, stange seeing such tidy WIPs!

I really like the idea and I think making up uniforms that are 'sort of right' is just what Flintloque needs to be!
Especially for the slightly odd ones.
The original Guard are actually in uniforms closer to the Crimean war to the Napoleonic war anyway!