Saturday, 15 January 2011

Flesh washes and inks

The following post is in reply to a comment left on my Blog earlier this week. Below I have detailed six flesh or brown inks/washes to compare their tone and colour.

They are;
1 Citadel Wash Ogryn Flesh (an older pot that has been frost effected - see earlier post)
2 Citadel Wash Sepia (a brand new pot)
3 Citadel Colour Flesh Wash (the old blue topped pot)
4 Citadel Chestnut Ink
5 Formula P3 Flesh Wash from Privateer Press
6 Warzone Chestnut Wash (now o-o-p)

The most obvious conclusion is that the old blue-topped Citadel Flesh Wash is a completely different colour to the rest, being much more yellow.

The blue-topped Flesh Wash is also the brightest and smoothest.

1, 5 and 6 are roughly the same, very little difference in colour although the frost effected Ogryn Wash is very grainy.

The background is artist grade watercolour paper.

Although a firm supporter of the Citadel Washes, even though there have recently been some issues with the pots being frost effected, I still think the best Flesh Wash is the old blue-topped Citadel Colour Flesh Wash.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Have to agree, but when it runs out (if I can't find another) then the Citadel Wash Sepia looks like it might be an option...

Henry Hyde (Battlegames editor) did a comparison as well - link to the article here:

Colonel Shofer said...


TY for the comparisons.

Added a little more here ...



painterman said...

Interesting to see the variations in these. Like you I like the old Citadel ink, but am now using the Orgyn Flesh as a wash after the main colour, then adding dark shade around eyes, nose, lip and between fingers etc. Then picking out highlights with a lighter flesh tone. Also find it's a good shade for buff coats, followed by a highlight.

Tony said...

Thank you for all the comments. I am just repeating what I have already written in an earlier post but I feel it needs to be reported.

The manager at the Worcester Games Workshop store exchanged all eight effected pots of Citadel Washes for fresh ones - Perfect customer service.


Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony, I'm glad they swapped them. Excellent customer service indeed.

As for the flesh wash, yep, Coat D'Arms sell the exact paint you are using as they actually made them FOR GW back in those days!


Tony said...

I have just seen this recipe for home-made washes;

It looks like this could be a suitable substitute when painting large terrain.