Saturday 11 June 2011

Foul Mouth Freddy - a gaming scenario for Flintloque part three

Craig Andrews at Barking Irons has just uploaded part three of my Foul Mouth Freddy adventure Foul Mouth Freddy sneaks past the ****ing Guards, for full details go to this link

Part One can be found here and part Two here All three adventures were originally written as a one part story called Foul Mouth Freddy Steals a ****ing Horse, but Craig re-wrote, added to and amended my notes to produce this linked adventure. Thank you Craig. I think you have done a GREAT job.

The story is based on actual events only the location has been changed to protect the 'not so innocent!'.

Uncle Freddy has been banned from most of the pubs in the Sandfields - his latest plan was to use his newly acquired Puch moped (50cc and peddle power) to motor down to the Students Union bar - the beer was cheap, there were special 'freshers week' offers and he had yet to 'blot is copy book' with the steward!

The only problem was the UK Government has recently passed a law requiring that all motorcyclists were required to wear a crash helmet. Fred had no such helmet and so used his sons plastic scateboard helmet instead.

The journey home was even more eventful as he rode his Puch down the promenade instead of the main road


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Part Three of this Foul Mouth Freddy story/scenario is now featured on The Miniatures Page, see;