Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Sudan and Middle East Models now available

Dave at Grand Manner has recently uploaded images of the new Sudan and Middle East Terrain and Boats. The buildings and modular boats were a joint venture between Dave and myself and took a considerable amount of time to produce, cast and paint.

Photo One - Shows a selection of the new Adobe Buildings, there are four in total and all feature lift off roofs and internal detail. The aim was to produce a range of Sudan inspired building that were more than just 'plain bricks' and that could be used for a wide variety of periods and backgrounds, each one full of individual character.

Photo Two - The Rear Wheel Paddle Steamer, Iris. Named after my Maternal Grandmother and I think one of my favourite hull configurations.

Photo Three - The Side Wheeled Paddle Steamer, Joseph. Named after my Wife's Father.

Photo Four - The Screw Boat Gnat. All models feature lift off roofs.

There are two main hull variations, then Side Wheel, Rear Wheel and plain Screw propulsion variants, as well as over 50 various deck and hull detailing parts to produce literally hundreds of Colonial, Sudan and even Far East Steam Boats. There are even two varieties of armoured boats available for those that wish to re-fight the Great Nile actions.

With this range of boats and fittings I challenge any gamer not to find the boat/gunboat variant that they have been longing for!

For full details go to this link and see the beautifully painted 'show models' sailing down the new Nile display board.


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Thanos said...

Fantastic work Tony!!
If you make the photos a bit 'old' they will look real photos from the past!!!