Monday, 27 June 2011

More 40mm Skeletons

I have found time to paint up a number of Spartan Games 40mm Skeletons for my Typhon Mythical Greece/Ancient Greece project. As with the earlier models - the Spartan Games Hero and the two Minotaur's they are based on 1d coins with the metal bases blended with Milliput and further textured with sieved sand.

The sculpts are very fine and super detailed, but are just a little bit too flimsy and required some repair and strengthening before painting.

I have tried for a very worn/bleached effect which I think works well against the brighter and 'cleaner' painting style of the Greek Hero. The Kraken shield design was hand painted and copied from a 'still' image of Jason and the Argonauts, the original film version by Harry Harryhausen.

I still need to varnish and flock the bases and will do this when I have a larger group of figures. the final image is of the same five skeletons posed on an old Ladybird story book called Famous Legends book 1 which I picked up in a charity shop for just a couple of pence.

They have been fun to paint and a great interlude. I should now concentrate on work!


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