Wednesday 16 November 2011

Flash Gordon Molemen - part three

I have re-sculpted the head, first cutting away the ears and then smoothing out the cranium to make it less pointed. The mouth has been 'Dremelled' - grinding away the existing sharpened teeth and sculpting two pairs of 'mole' incisors. 

I have added 'Green Stuff' nodules to the models back and larger nipples as seen on the Wyrd  Miniatures Molemen.  The most drastic surgery came when I cut away the figures genitals and re-sculpted the area with 'Green Stuff'.

In addition, I have added some sand and sieved stones to the base, which were applied over dilute uPVA glue.

In this final image I have used Acrylic Modelling Paste to smooth out defects in the body and refined both the teeth and the head with more 'Green Stuff'.

With the conversion/sculpting complete - the next part will be painting.



Jay said...

Looking good. The mole teeth are really great. Thanks for the updates.

Laughing Ferret said...

Great idea! he's going to be a very fun creature! before painting though, you might want to get at the mold lines down the claws- they're going to show up a lot after painting. "Clicky" soft plastic minis mold lines can be a real pain.. I did a lot of conversions with some earlier this year & found the mold lines very stubborn.

Great conversion, looking forward to seeing it painted!

Tony said...

To LF,

Thanks for the tip.