Thursday, 12 September 2013

400th Follower

Welcome to Benno de Groot, my 400th follower.

This little landmark almost slipped by unnoticed as I have been hovering around the 400th follower mark for some time. I will now have to look at something special for the 500th, something like the Flintloque Ogre that I converted for the 250th follower give away. See this post and this post for details.

A very big thank you to all of my followers, keep the comments coming.

Finally for this short post. I will be at Colours, Newbury this Sunday, I'll be wearing my Dampfpanzerwagon Polo Shirt, so if you see a grey haired, bespectacled oaf with a moustache in a grey Polo Shirt, that will be me. I'm planning on bringing the last of the books - Building Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood with me to place on the Bring-and-Buy stall. There aren't that many left and a second print run is looking unlikely, so if you are interested, search them out on the B&B.



Chris Stoesen said...

Congrats on the 400 followers. That is fantastic.

Francis Lee said...

Congrats Tony, we're off to SELWG so no Colours this year.

Ubique Matt said...

Congrats on the impressive number of followers. Always a good read.