Sunday 12 January 2014

On-Line Build for January 2014

My On-Line Build for January 2014 is going to be based on this Olde World Imperial Dwarf General. The images below is taken from the official Olde World Kickstarter which was originally posted back in August 2013. For full details go to this link.

The resin miniature is of a Romanesque Dwarf General on Ram and I had planned on using it with my Pax Bochemannica Nomans and Boche Halfling miniatures. However this particular project has been moved to the 'back burner' and I have decided to use the Ram as a mount for one of my Flintloque figures (more details to follow in a later post).

Before I proceed, I thought a quick comment on my experiences with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2013 I have been tempted by one Indiegogo and one Kickstarter campaign and although my purchases have materialized and I have been very pleased with them. The major bugbear with both has been the delay from paying my money to receiving the promised goods. This particular miniature was paid for back in August and received in late December. I have read of other similar projects taking even longer.

Photo Three - Shows the full contents of the miniature blister.

Photo Four - The resin Ram. A multi-part casting. this image showing the body and head.

Photo Five - I decided not to use either the resin base or the 40mm round plastic base supplied, but instead cut a MDF base from some scrap. The base was cut to 25mm x 50mm, but later reduced to 25mm x 42mm as the larger base looked far too big for the miniature.

Photo Six - I built the groundwork up with Milluput Fine White after glueing the figure to the MDF with Superglue.

Photos Seven and Eight - Show the base further textured with sieved sand and the horns added. I decided to use the smaller set of rams horns as I thought the larger set a little to big.

More to follow.



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Bokkenrijder !

Dave said...

I'll be interested to see how this comes out. I did like the look of that figure but I'm going through one of my periodic "don't buy more minis phases" so didn't sign up for that kickstarter.