Tuesday 28 January 2014

On-Line Build for January - part three

My January 2014 On-Line build has been a bit of a disaster, cold weather and lack of modelling time has put this project in serious danger of not being finished on time. I have forced myself to battle the elements and sit in my cold shed painting this Ram.

Photos One and Two - The colour scheme was found after a Google search. I have painted the predominantly white coat over a pale cream colour. with the dark brown/black areas focused on the forward shoulders and head area.

Photos Three and Four - Moving on, I have tried to define the dark brown/black areas and once again highlighter the white areas with Skull White. The saddle cloth is going to be cream with black or brown strapping.

There is still lots to do but at least the painting has progressed - slowly I admit, but still progressed. The groundwork has been built up from Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Snakebite and Skull White.

More to follow - hopefully.


1 comment:

Mad Padre said...

Very convincing ram. You see them every now and then at British Army parades where the regiment has a ram mascot. Impressive beasts, and yours looks the business.