Monday, 27 January 2014

The Ship in a Bottle

A very special model. 

This weekend Sue and I were visiting Swansea, we were attending my Mother-in Laws 90th birthday. For Friday and Saturday we played hosts to lots of family who had also made the special trip to Sketty.

This ship in a bottle was given to Sue and I by Reg, an old family friend who we very rarely get to see. The reason it is so special is that the model was built by my Father over 40 years ago.

I have often written about the models that my father made, but I do not own even one photograph of his creations. So you see why this gift is so very personal to me. I can remember him making these ships in a bottle models, in fact I still own some of the custom-made tools that he used to use. I believe this may be the ONLY surviving model and Sue and I are so very grateful to Reg for presenting it to us. Thank you Reg.

Dad passed away nearly fifteen years ago. I will treasure this little model.



Varangian said...

That's absolutely beautiful. It was also incredibly generous. Well done, all around.

snowcat said...

Truly special, a priceless acquisition. Congratulations!

Tea in Thailand said...

:) xxxxxx