Thursday 16 October 2014

Orctober Fest - The Flintloque Orcs - part three

The painting continued with picking out details of the uniform decorations and colours. I am not too happy with the Blue and Yellow on these miniatures, believing the blue to be too dark and the yellow not intense enough. This is a regular issue with my figure painting and something that I have experienced on previous occasions/models.

I find that I have difficulty in painting blue - either making it too dark (as in these figures) or to light, (a sky blue colour). I was wondering if any follower/reader had some advice as to which brands and colours I should be choosing?

Similarly, yellow has never had the coverage of other acrylic paints, for these minis I have used Leaprous Brown mixed with Badmoon Yellow as the base and Yellow from Rackhams for the first highlight. I am sure that I will go over these colours before the group are finished.

Apart from the issues stated above - the figures are moving along and I can see no issue with having them finished by the end of Orctober.


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