Wednesday 1 October 2014

Terrain pieces for October

Another terrain post for another new month.

I'll start with this small treasure chest that was bought in a charity shop in Ledbury, Worcestershire. It is a white resin casting.

I cut away the large resin base and re-mounted it on to an oval of 3mm thick plastic card. The base was built up with DAS and the groundwork further detailed with sieved stones and sand. I painted the chest as the original model.

The second piece is another resin casting, this time from Grendel Scotia with a couple of bits of clutter from my 'bits box'.

Once again the pieces were glued to a scrap of 3mm plastic card and the groundwork built up with DAS.

I have tried to keep the colours light as I find that clutter can become 'lost' if painted too dark.



Phil said...

Great looking vignette!

MarkG said...

Those are great. The treasure chest in particular is once again great use of a non-wargaming piece.

Warburton said...

Very nice!