Thursday, 3 December 2015

Mushroom Turret - 2015 OITW Advent Calendar

Day three of this years Advent Calendar details the construction and painting of a Gnome Mushroom Turret for Panzerfauste. The article was inspired by the recent Panzerfaust Kickstarter which has featured on these pages over the last couple of months.

When I was asked by Craig Andrews to produce a Panzerfauste article for this years Advent I was not sure that I was ready to write some Panzerfauste fiction. Instead I produced this piece of scratch-built terrain. I hope that you like it.

Details can be found on Orcs in the Webbe - The 2015 Advent Calendar, for full details please go to this link.



Pat G said...

Those are great Tony!

Rob Alderman said...

Utterly fantastic work, Tony!