Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mortar Set from Alternative Armies

Image taken from the Alternative Armies website

Various modelling projects and commissions have meant that I have neglected some of my recent purchases, this is about to change. The Mortar Set from Alternative Armies and intended for Flintloque was bought earlier this year when the new resin model was on offer and has sat un-loved on my 'to-do' list ever since. It is my intention to build and paint it and record the build as an On-Line Build for July 2016.

The resin and metal parts were very well cast, however I do intend to drill out the barrel of the mortar. (Please note that the earlier version of the same model was all metal and has now been revised to be a resin and metal model).

Details of the model can be found here.

More to follow.



Phil said...

A nice model and a great job!

Rob Alderman said...

lovely model sculpted by the talented hands of Dave Toone, I believe.

I've got one in metal that I've had since day 1! Still not painted it...

Looking forward to seeing yours in it's fully painted glory.