Friday, 29 July 2016

Mortar Set - part nine

I have varnished the model and base with Galleria Matt Varnish, then highlighted the metal parts with Klear floor varnish before adding my usual ground covering of dyed sawdust and the odd bit of static grass.

The Mortar is fixed to a nearly round base measuring 100mm x 95mm and the Gin stands 65mm tall.

The basic Mortar Set (available from Alternative Armies) is a great little model as it comes, but I think that my modifications and the addition of the Gin lifting frame have made it even better, more unique.



Peter Ball said...

Lovely piece of work, that. Really makes it feel as though the crew are just out of sight for a second.

Anonymous said...

Excellent model! Simple but very nice.

Tony said...

Thanks for the comments.