Friday, 15 July 2016

Mortar Set - part three

The mortar base has been glued in place and the groundwork built up from DAS modelling clay with sieved stones and sand glued over uPVA glue. I felt that the base or mortar frame needed some additional detailing so I added cocktail stick wooden pegs to the base, by first drilling holes in the resin and then gluing trimmed cocktail stick pegs into them. I am sure that this additional work will pay dividends when the model is painted and particularly when drybrushed.

I recently met with Ryan, he was kind enough to donate a second mortar (the all metal version) to me. I'm now wondering how I can make the second mortar different.

Finally, I have been told that this model was sculpted by Dave Toone,



Rob Alderman said...

Looking great so far.

The metal one is a heavy lump indeed, however the resin one looks great because you can hollow out the barrel as you have done.

It's got Dave's trademark smooth sculpting style hasn't it? :)

Tony said...

I have since been told that the Mortar was in fact produced my a friend of Mac's and not Dave Toone.

Sorry for any confusion.