Saturday, 17 June 2017

Foam Walls and 40mm Saxons - part nine

I have mounted the two 40mm Jim Bowen miniatures onto the small diorama base, actually into the base or groundwork.

I used a Dremel Grout Clearing drill bit to make two oval holes in the groundwork and glued the figures in place with superglue. I used small slivers of spare balsawood to act as fillers and made sure that the feet of the two Saxons were level with the modelled groundwork.

The groundwork was then built up with DAS modelling clay before being textured with sieved stones and sand. The base was then painted brown, highlighted with a lighter brown and odd stones were picked out with grey, highlighted with a lighter grey.

I touched up the feet and wall stones where they met with the dark earth.

Before this image was taken, I had 'washed' the base with Dark Tone wash from Vallejo.