Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Games we played over Christmas 2018

As in previous years Christmas in the Harwood household is a time for board games and 2018 was no exception.

We started with Mafia - searching for some stolen diamonds taken from a Mafia boss.

Then one of my favourites (although a little long if played 1 through 12), Hollywood Dominoes came out once again.

Chameleon took some getting used to, but once we had a couple of games under out belt the dice throwing and reading became easier.

Another old favourite - Kingdominoes. We had a number of games of this tile game over the holiday break and we enjoyed it.

Spyfall 2 was new this Christmas and a gift from Gary and Beckie. The game uses a similar mechanic to a lot of negotiation games and we loved trying to un-earth the spy.

Finally - the funniest game of the Christmas 2018 period - Comic Caboodle had us all laughing until we cried. A great fun game for ALL the family.


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