Sunday 3 October 2021

Speed & Power Magazine - a recollection

BBC Radio 5 have been running a feature called Reading Aloud, where various celebrities and members of the public comment on their love of reading and in particular what inspired them them to read. For me it was this magazine - Speed & Power a magazine that really grabbed my attention as a pre-teenager and a magazine that my father had the forethought to subscribe to so I could both read and collect each issue.

There were many issues that would include free gifts and I remember trying to build racing cars from card kits, in particular the Tyrell P34 - the six wheel F1 racing car. I regularly see issues of the magazine for sale on e-bay and have been tempted to pick up the odd issue, but there are sites where you can download copies for free - for example his link.

So to Speed & Power, thank you for the inspiration.


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