Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Monkeyman

Another Monster-in-my-Pocket plastic figure. The Monkey Man (number 36). This was one of the very first Monster-in-my-Pocket figure I ever bought and I would say my favourite! I love the sculpting of the in-turned monkey feet, grass skirt and bobble hat!

The miniature was mounted on to a block of cork, which was in turn glued to a 40mm round base, The rest of the base was built up with DAS modelling clay and covered with fine sand and small stones before being undercoated with PVA glue. I painted the miniature with acrylic paints over a black undercoat and followed the original colour scheme.

The very dynamic pose has meant that any conversion work would be very apparent. I have at least one more similar figure, but I do not envisage converting it.

The model stands just over 46mm from head-to-toe or 60mm from the top of the arms to the base of the foot.

This particular miniature came with two other figures in a card backed blister pack from In-Store and cost £1.00 to £1.50. And according to the stats card, the Monkey Man regularly eats monkey brains!


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