Saturday, 19 July 2008

Flash Gordon - Sharkman

The latest addition to this Blog is a Reaper Miniatures - Wereshark (number 02890) sculpted by J. Wiebe and painted as a Flash Gordon Sharkman.

This is a very fine miniature from Reaper Miniatures, a miniature that fits in perfectly with my Flash Gordon collection and a miniature that was an absolute joy to paint.

The model comes as a multi-part casting; main body, left arm and tail. The left hand is a bit 'static' and could have been better animated. It was constructed with superglue and mounted on to a 40mm round base before being painted over a black undercoat. I have also seen the same miniature painted as a Great White Shark with a white and light grey scheme, that I hope to copy one day!

My colour scheme of dark blue with royal blue highlights and gloss varnished was inspired by an Internet search. I am very pleased with the finished model, but still think a Great White will be added to the collection one day.

The miniature is 60mm tall from foot to top of fin.


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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it would have looked better grey... ;)