Sunday, 20 July 2008

Flintloque - Black Brunswickers

This is my latest Flintloque regiment to be finished. It has quite a history! The eight figures are a 'miss-match' of Flintloque blisters and box set extras that have accumulated in my spares box over the last few years. Each miniature has been converted with added cuffs, enlarged shakos or coat detail and were original re-modelled/sculpted with brass plates and large plumes on their helmets. I had even started to paint them, with dark blue coats and red trim!

The Brunswick 'Deaths Head' motif was sculpted with 'green stuff', the plume cut off the tops of the helmets and a small button of 'green stuff' added. The figures were undercoated black and painted with acrylic paints. The black coats being highlighted with dark grey and the cuffs and detail painted sky blue.

The first photo shows the whole group of eight figures - two Ogres, one Dog Soldier and five Dwarves. While the second photo shows the non-dwarves and the third just the dwarves.

They are quite dark in colour, which I think contrasts well with some of my 'brighter colour schemes'. The whole group has taken a great deal of time from conception to finished regiment (maybe three years!) But I am pleased with the end result, although the Dog Soldier does look a little too dark in each of these photos.

PS. I have a number of Flintloque regiment that include miniatures of mixed race - Dwarves with Ogres, Dwarves with Dog Soldiers etc. I think they work very well with the difference in figure size adding to the overall effect.


Ben Honey said...

Very cool.

Do you plan to use them in a campaign of flintloque games or for one offs ?

While it comes to me, do you tend to play flintloque mostly via redone scenarios, or as a campaign with a central unit (or more than one) ?


Tony said...

Hi Ben

Thanks for the comments;

I tend to play Flintloque as one-off games and am planning a number of solo games, which might turn in to a campaign, but we will have to see.

In the past I have played on-off games A against B. However I picked up the AA compendium and have read the scenarios which I think might work well.

So in answer to your question - some individual games and a plan for a campaign that might never happen.