Friday, 13 March 2009

The Dwarf Sauerkraut Wars - the Regiments part three

Regiment Three - Lagerfilled's Krautian Guard

Allegiance - Krautian

The ale crazed Karl Lagerfilled and his 'rag-tagged' group of Krautian Musteteers take to the field on the side of the Krautians. Well that's the official line anyway! "Karl knows no moderation, just as in life there are never enough barrels of ale, in war there are never enough enemies to kill. Even the most loyal Krautian would prefer this particular character and regiment to their front, where they can see them and avoid them, rather to their sides."

Commanders must take care to keep these killers away from any kegs of lager or fortified wine. Inns and Tavern are a definite Nein, Nein and if there is a brewery within the vicinity, brewers beware! One final comment on this group. Dwarves think they can hold their beer, Ogres know they can, - a barrel under each arm.

"Come and have a drink if you think you're hard enough."

This group of eight Musketeers include Karl with stein (LE011), some modified Krautian infantry and a converted Krautian Ogre with Kannonderbuss.


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