Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ravenor Returned by Dan Abnett

I have just finished this Warhammer 40,000, Black Library hardback - RAVENOR RETURNED by Dan Abnett. The book is the second in a series, I have not read the first novel - RAVENOR.

I found the book a great read, a cross-over novel that keeps to the Warhammer 40,000 background but has elements of Call of Cthulhu and Sherlock Holmes, it is written in a fast and flowing form that is so easy to read. The imagery is very gritty in the same way that The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis was and captures a very down-to-earth world with 'real characters'. I found myself reading the story and visualising it as an action movie.

In the past I have always read Black Library books and particularly books by Dan Abnett as easy reads, lots of action with shoot-them-up themes - 'Holiday reading'. This particular book moves forward with a great story, background and is very well written. Highly recommended.

The book was bought for me as a Christmas present, it took me some time to start the book as I have been reading other novels (see earlier posts), but once started it moved along very quickly.

The details are;
Ravenor Returned by Dan Abnett, a Black Library Publication ISBN: 1-84416 184 6


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