Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Ragnarok - an Anarchist Aeronef

"I had planned on calling this post a Weekend Project, but this small modelling project has in fact taken six days!"

Earlier this year I picked up a batch of second-hand, back-issues of Ragnarok the in-house magazine of The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers or SFSFW. In issue 33, October 2001 there is an article by John Wilson entitled The Black Fleet, The Anarchist Scourge of the Skies. I was so taken with the illustration and article that I decided to model the Aeronef illustrated.

Photo One - The finished model, The Ragnarok

Photo Two - Here is a copy of the drawing that inspired the model. The illustration is by Steve Flanagan and reproduced with permission of the Rag's editor Steve Blease.

Photo Three - The model constructed, but still to be painted. The main hull is two giant colouring pencils, glued side-by-side and clad in plastic card. The 'R Matter' domes are clear plastic cocktail stirrer ends. The model was built directly from the above illustration, I did not even attempt to produce a plan.

Photo Four - the finished model, painted very dark grey with a teak deck and named Ragnarok in thanks to Steve Blease for allowing me to use the illustration. Thank you Steve, I hope that you approve.

The hull is 144mm long (from the tip of the nose to the back of the propellers) and 54mm wide (across the tail). The Anarchist 'A' is hand painted over a Dark Grey/Black basecoat. The model is built to the nominal scale of 1/600th, 1/700th to accompany the Luther Arkwight fleets. See earlier posts.

For anyone interested in joining the SFSFW, the details are; http://www.sfsfw.org/


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