Monday, 30 March 2009

Where do you paint?

This is not the first time that I have posted pictures of my workbench, in fact there is an earlier post on this very Blog showing my 'shed'. But as I have just tidied it and it doesn't stay clean and tidy for very long, I thought that a couple of pictures would be fun.

Photo One - The main painting desk with two daylight angle lamps, one to each side and the North facing window. The painting station is based on the GW model, but built by me from some scrap contiboard and 5mm plastic sheet. On the shelf in front of the window, you can see some of my huge range of acrylic paints.

Photo Two - A view from the corner of the room showing the general layout. I have a double electrical socket which gives power to the lights, the digital radio and work tools, which are stored to the left. The draws to the left and below the desk contain a host of useful and not so useful tools that I have built up over many, many years. In fact there are some that belonged to my Father and Uncle!

And finally - Photo Three - the shed at the bottom of the garden. Now ten years old. The white plastic and blue foam has been collected from many different sources and is regularly called upon by me, my son, my daughter and friends to build all sorts of different modelling or repair projects.



BigLee said...

Trying not to be jealous.... I use a GW paint station simply because I can put everything away between painting sessions. Most of my gear is stored in a cupboard beneath the stairs. I'd kill to have a permanent painting area set up. Nice photo's, nice shed!

Tony said...

Hi BigLee

It wasn't that long ago that all my modelling and painting ws done in a built-in wardrobe, with a work area of less than a GW workstation and all the looks kept in a wooden box.

The shed (which was a 40th birthday present from my Wife has been fantastic. If ever we move I will just have to have a SHED.