Saturday, 12 September 2009

Colours 2009 Newbury Racecourse

I have just returned from spending most of the day at Colours - the Newbury & Reading Wargames Society show at Newbury Racecourse. This rather dark photo shows the 40mm AWI/ACW buildings occupying the Grand Manner counter. Of special note are five brand new castings, not yet fully available but cast up just in time for the show. They are;
  • a Valley Forge Workshop building,
  • a Guilford Log Cabin,
  • Neilson Farmhouse,
  • the Lexington Belfry and
  • a Large Gabbion Earthworks.
All buildings feature lift-off roofs and internal detail. Full details should be posted on the Grand Manner website soon.

I enjoyed the show, a show spread across three floors of the main grandstand by didn't spend much. It was pleasing to meet with gamers and modellers and discuss the games, as well as taking so much inspiration back home with me.


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