Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Crashed Rocketship Terrain Board part three

The board was built up with sheets and off-cuts of sound proofing fibreboard which was glued and nailed in place. The main landscaping was modelled by eye rather than working to a strict plan. By tearing the fibreboard, rather than cutting it, I was able to obtain a more natural and organic effect.

To seal the surface I used strips of torn newspaper built up in layers of PVA glue - newspaper - PVA glue - newspaper etc. etc. This gives a very strong surface, helps to fill gaps and seals the fibreboard.

In areas that needed more sculpting I used Das modelling clay or ready-mixed filler, check out the rocket engine trough.

To add interest I have used small pieces of dried bark, again glued and nailed in place and then smoothed with Das and filler.

In one of the built-up corners, I superglued a Grendel resin monolith, once again modelled on and in to the terrain with Das.

In part three, I will get around to showing how I built up the terrain around the crashed rocketship.


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