Friday, 22 April 2011

Foul Mouth Freddy - a gaming scenario for Flintloque

Barking Irons Online features the first part of a three part linked or 'narrative' based gaming scenario for Flintloque and featuring that potty-mouthed Orc Sergeant Foul Mouth Freddy. In this adventure Freddy decides to escape from a quarantined camp to find entertainment in the drinking dens of the local port town.

For full details of Freddy's latest adventure go to this link

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From the seed of an idea some years ago and taking inspiration from an Uncle of mine, the whole FMF phenomenon has taken off with a limited edition miniature (available from Alternative Armies, see; this link) as well as a short story or Novella planned for release very soon. I hope that you enjoy these 'tongue-in-cheek' scenarios and gaming themes as much as I enjoy writing them. I should also point out that Craig Andrews does a great job in sorting through my ideas and writing some superb fiction. Thank you Craig.


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