Saturday 16 April 2011

Ogam & Stone - a model railway layout

This particular narrow gauge model railway layout was built over ten years ago and has since then been safely stored in the garage attic. I was recently speaking to a work colleague about his plans for a small industrial railway layout (a small mine) and I was telling him about this model. I decided to renovate the display and take it into work to show him. The layout is in fact based on an old wardrobe shelf and measures just 31 inches x 18 inches.

Most of the buildings and structures are scratch-built using balsa, plastic card and DAS modelling clay. The track is PECO 'crazy track' and is 16.5mm gauge with the layout built to 7mm =1 foot or 1/43.5 scale (O-Gauge). The 16.5mm track depicts a narrow gauge line of 2 foot 4 inches in this scale.

I am afraid that the running stock, which is also scratch-built is stored elsewhere and I am not sure it is still in working order. Now that the layout is back in the light of day, I will try to get some images of the engine (a narrow gauge diesel) and the wagons uploaded.

Here are some detailed close-up images, please click on the image to enlarge.

The layout is based on three main sources, a small stone masons yard which used to occupy a site just south of Bristol, an Irish narrow gauge engine shed and an illustration in a very early Railway Modelling magazine.

The name is taken from an old English name Ogam, meaning Stone, so the actual name could be read as Stone & Stone.

The layout featured in an issue of the 7mm Narrow Gauge magazine Narrow Lines.