Friday 14 June 2013

Building Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood - a further update

Building Wargame Terrain, a further update. Yesterday I arrived home to find the first proof copy, a congratulations card and a bottle of Champagne. Thank you Sue. (We didn't drink the Champagne, preferring to go out for a celebratory meal instead).

The book is very well printed, as can be seen from these images which feature some of my earlier work in a gallery of earlier terrain pieces. In fact it is more of a glossy or premium magazine rather than a book with 170gsm inner pages and 300gsm card cover.

This image shows Sue, browsing through the contents, the second is me in a less well stage photo!

I am aware that there are a couple of changes and amendments to be made prior to the full production run, but as stated in my earlier posts, the deadlines I have set myself should be reached and books will be offered for sale before the end of July. I was also able to take the book to the local post office to assess postage costs to the UK, Europe and America.

It was always my intention to have a 'retro' cover in a style similar to the old Airfix Magazine Modelling Guides (see this link for examples). I think the orange cover does this. I hope you agree.

Additional details can be found here.



Mojo said...


Flags of War said...

I look forward to getting a copy of this :)

Don Hans said...

I will definetely buy one once it's out. The book looks really good. Thx/Hans (

Ubique Matt said...

Appears to like a top quality piece of work. Looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy. I wondered why the cover seemed familiar, now I know why.


Lasgunpacker said...

Wow, that looks quite nice!

And I notice that it says number one... do you have plans for a second?

cianty said...

The book quality looks great on the photos! I'm definately sold.

I think the effect of the cover works really well. I am too young to know about this and actually I was wondering why the cover looked so ... uhm... unspectecular, but now I see and I agree that it does work. Good to know. :)

One thing I noticed: The page numbers seem to right-aligned on all pages - even on the left pages. Shouldn't they be placed on the outside?

Anyways, really looking forward to the book.

Tony said...

Hi Christian,

The page numbering continues to be an issue.

I am attempting to change the position of the numbering to the centre of the bottom of the pages.

"too young to know about this!"

You know how to make an old man feel, well olde.


Tony said...

Hi Lasganpacker,

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but yes, my plan is to have more than one book.

(Working on book two at this very moment).


davetaylor said...

Hi Tony, Congratulations! The orange cover certainly does add to that "retro" look : ) Well done!


Tea in Thailand said...

Ooo I'm excited! It looks fab. Love the airfix retro look. Page numbers will be fixed ASAP! xx

lrqan said...

Good on you mate.

cianty said...

LOL! Didn't mean to, Tony!

centered page numbers sound good too, by the way.

Eric the Shed said...

Well done - looking forward to seein a copy.

Eric the Shed