Wednesday 5 June 2013

The 'Fighting Forty-Firsts' - part two

Progress so far. I have based and textured six of the eight miniatures, the main group of Rifles. Oswald Pepperkettle and the Harpy figure are being worked on separately. I have chucked Oswald into a tub of Dettol as I thought the paint was a little thick to paint over and Harpy, who will be converted is being cut apart with a jewelers saw!

Photo One - The group of six, based on 2p coins with the groundwork built up with Milliput.

Photo Two - Showing the sand and sieved stones added to the bases.

I will be undercoating them over the next couple of days. This is the first Flintloque regiment I have modelled and painted for some time. I'm looking forward to completing them.


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